Río Secreto

Río Secreto

You will find different activities at our nature reserve, according to the level of difficulty that each family wants to experience.

Río Secreto Regular.

It’s a family tour, in which, during and hour and a half, you will travel through a milenary underground cave.


Río Secreto Plus.

For those who’ld like to add more action to the tour. Besides of what it’s already included in the Regular tour, this one has rappel, bicycle and a light projection inside a dry cave called “hall of peace”.



Río Secreto Wild.

Our new product, ideal for people with an excelent physical condition and adventurous spirit. The tour starts with a bicycle ride through the jungle followed by a walk through a dry cave and swimming at an underground river. Unlike the first two, this is a whole day activity.



The most complete and exclusive tour of the mexican Caribbean. A handmade private tour for every visitor. Beyond its natural beauty and spendid aesthetics, it’s an experience for each of our senses, a unique and unforgettable memory.

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